Friday, 1 August 2008

Church marketing - get a grip guys!

I'm just picking up on some thoughts from journeyman posted earlier this week.
I can really understand the desire of Christian marketeers to get the marketing of the message just right; and I haven't read the book Church Marketing 101 referred to by journeyman yet, but it appears to come from the a similar start point as many written on the subject. it's that start point that I would take issue with.
The start point will make the case for one of two options either use the 'science' of marketing to target your audience, or tinker with the message to make it acceptable/palatable to our perception of the audience's reaction to the message. Both options are in my opinion trying to make the Christian message fit the marketing package.

We aren't called to be targeting who we tell, we are called to take the message into all the world. That sounds like we are supposed to be using nets and not fishing rods when we are 'taking the message...'(Acts 10:9?). We use the nets and bring 'em all in, and let God do the sorting... Mission is part of what we do, it is defining. If we are too sensitive about the sensitivities of those we would invite to church to hear this as part of the message... then we need to check out why we are... mission is something we should shout about and celebrate not want to hide away from. Otherwise we become a bunch of folk afraid to tackle and fess-up to the tough questions.

If the message is going to be tinkered with... who are we to tinker. The truth is the truth. What we can do is take responsibility for the clarity of its delivery today. It is here, utilising language, visual and non verbal communications that we as marketeers should best spend our efforts, ensuring that the delivery of the message is always the truth, 100% undiluted. People tend to buy the real thing when it is positioned and clearly delivered in ways that they understand - ask Coca-Cola.

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